Farewell And Goodbye

To: Ash From: Simon

Well, thanks to your good self, Right Admiral Crecente, and the rest of the Kotaku kru for making me feel welcome here this week during my Thanksgiving-filled guest spot.

As promised, I pointed out weird/cool indie games, and talked to developers, and even delved into video game history during my stint as Guest Editor - and hopefully it brought something different to the table.

Now I'm wandering off back to our Gamasutra/Game Developer editor blog Game Set Watch, where I actually got a guest blogger, Schadenfreude Interactive's 'greatest living German game programmer' Karsden Mörderhäschen, to guest in my absence - how complicated!

Of course, the creator of such classic games as Accordion Hero and 'karaoke survival horror game' Nachtmusik has been causing havoc, with marzipan mascot controversy just one of the tragedies that await me on my return. But hey, them's the breaks. Have a great weekend!

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