Farewell Kotaku

To: Ash From: Ian

O Kotaku, so short was our affair. But like all things - a summer fling, a migraine, an immigration queue, a pudding cup - this too must end.

As my run as guest editor closes, I thank all the Michaels, all the Brians, all the Lukes, and the few other forenames that grace these mighty, worthy pages. Thanks to your council I have survived my tour. Much I have learned of the Way of Kotaku. I shall take the lessons I learned here and carry them with me in both heart and spleen.

To you readers, I thank you for your eyeballs and your index fingertips, that did pore over and click upon my humble offerings, and your brains that did churn their words, sometimes with flummox, sometimes with snark, and even often with interest.

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    You got fired just for posting the cosplay story? phwoar that's harsh!!

    I think he got fired for writing "Singing the Blu-Rays". Kotaku has always been a big Sony fanboy site, and I was quite shocked to see that article. I know something was not right.

    (I was even more shocked to see that BioWare actually gave time to Kotaku - I was just in the BioWare forums, and BioWare fans have complained that because Kotaku takes a fairly obvious anti-Xbox position, and that BioWare should stop giving any time or scoop to Kotaku.)

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