Favorite Achievement Masterpiece Theater

bsho.jpg Game designer Zack Hiwiller has been discussing a favoured subject over at his personal blog - the best Achievements for Xbox 360 games.

But he seems to have done a fine, interesting job of summing up some of the more interesting, quirky Achievements there.

Alongside picks from The Simpsons Game, Half-Life 2, The Godfather, Skate, and Bioshock, here's a particularly choice one - "Costume Party" from Dead Rising:

Dead Rising combined two of my favourite things in video games: sandboxes with plenty to do and zombies. There were dozens of ways to interact with your foes in the game and most were ridiculous. Yet I never would have thought that I could put masks on the zombies if not for this achievement. Thus, it serves its purpose of letting you know about a feature that you may not have discovered on your own.

So, come on - what's your favourite Achievement of all time, and why? The world - and sardonic fellow Kotaku commenters in particular - need to know.

Favorite Achievements [Zack Hiwiller's blog]


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