Finally, A Sequel To Dig Dug II

dig_dug_islands.jpgGamers may not have the same fond memories of Dig Dug II, as it nixed the flat plane underground digging for a top-down island view, but, hey, this was the heady 80s, when you never knew what you were going to get out of a sequel. Arcade gamers who were raised on Namco and Bally Midway fare were just pleased as punch to not be on the receiving end of a pinball-only sequel. Fortunately, for those who have lust in their hearts for more Dig Dug II style gaming, Namco Bandai games has partnered with Verx to produce an online PC follow up named Dig Dug Islands.

First, it's Japan-only for now and will most likely stay that way. The story behind Dig Dug Islands, as I gather from the game's intro, is that a menacing, pineapple-stealing vortex has transformed a series of tropical islands to climates more sinister. To the rescue are a bunch of drill and pump wielding bobbleheaded boys and girls who must dispatch the swarm of Pookas and Fygars who threaten some sort of disaster.

I don't expect Dig Dug Islands to make its way out of Asian markets, but for those in Japan, let us know how it is, okay? More pics at Game Watch and a trailer at the official site.

Dig Dug Islands [Impress Game Watch]


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