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Finger Eleven lead singer Scott Anderson is a huge gamer, so he's pretty stoked that his band is the first to offer a free live concert in high definition on Xbox Live Video Marketplace. Through January 6, gamers in the U.S. can download the 58-minute set from the Berkeley Church in Toronto. The concert includes hit songs "Paralyzer," "So So Suicide," "Falling On," and "Lost My Way."

"It's pretty awesome," said Anderson. "Anyone who's tried Xbox Live Video Marketplace for a while, they've been waiting for this type of thing...I live in Canada, so I've been waiting for this type of HD content for a long time. It's a full hour of a show we did a few months ago. It's so cool. It's a couple clicks away. It's a platform that I endorse, literally. I love it, man. I'll load it up and see my face and probably cringe, but it's cool. We're living in the future, man. There's no flying cars yet, but it's still pretty cool."

Anderson has been a passionate gamer his entire life. He said he doesn't discriminate against any platform, since he's not a fan boy of any console in particular. In fact, if he had to pick a favourite gaming medium, it'd be the PC."I'm playing a lot of Team Fortress right now," said Anderson. "That's such a nice game. I just cracked open Hellgate. I've been waiting for that for a while. World in Conflict is something that really kicked me in the nuts. I keep real current."

Anderson said he has every system known to man, but he doesn't have one of those gaming museums.

"I have the current stuff and I have an 8-Bit Nintendo kicking around somewhere," said Anderson. "I love a bad arse RPG as much as a first-person shooter. I'll play anything that's well done."

While Anderson always has his laptop with him for PC gaming, when he's on tour with the band, it's all about Xbox 360. The luxury bus has not one but two gaming lounges for the band members to play Halo 3 on.

"We play split-screen system link and that keeps eight of us busy," said Anderson. "It makes things heated. Everyone takes it very seriously. Even the guys who aren't hardcore gamers have some Halo shops. It's nice because every other band we'll make a party of it before the show or after the show and before the bar. We play pick-up games and get wasted on the bus."

Anderson recalls the launch day of Microsoft's hit game. The band was on tour and in New Jersey, of all places. He said they were in line before midnight to be among the first to own the new game.

" I wanted to pull a big rock star thing and cancel everything around Halo 3's launch, but we happened to have three days off then," said Anderson. "We stayed up until 4 or 5 a.m. just breaking everything in, checking out the new maps, weapons and other stuff just like everybody else that day. It's fun because you get to play videogames with your buddies on a big expensive tour bus. Not since high school have I had the chance to get together with eight buddies and play games. I love the fact that that's part of my job. I was actually working at that point because we were on tour. It's a good life."

When it comes to Halo 3, Anderson was pretty disappointed with the game, which he didn't believe lived up to the overwhelming hype.

"The multiplayer's not broken so I'm sure we'll be playing that forever, but I'm disappointed that I had to wait so long for just an okay game," said Anderson. "Maybe it was tested to death, I don't know. It was as long as the wait for Episode 2 of Half-Life II, but at least that was worth it. I spoil myself because I play everything, so it really sets the bar high when you play the really good stuff. And Halo 3 didn't meet my expectations."

The band is currently taking a short break, playing lots of games. But Xbox Live gamers can enjoy their music for free for the next two months.



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