Finishing UTIII PS3, Take a Break, Talk to Microsoft

reinawfulsuitrevistedyetagain.jpgEpic Games is busy and has to prioritise. Priority number one? Getting that PS3 version of Unreal Tournament III shipshape. Where does that leave the Xbox 360 version? Nowhere near done — blame the mods. Epic's Mark Rein explains:

The PS3 is an open system, and they embrace user-created content. But there isn't really a way to do that on the 360... So our job, when we finish the PS3 version, and we've taken a little break, is to sit down with Microsoft and to figure out how we can do mods on their system.

To recap: The PS3 version has been pushed back to possibly 2008, the Xbox 360 version isn't anywhere near release and the PC version, well, that's on track for November 23rd. UTIII on 360 [CVG]


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