First Day, First Day Note

To: Ash From: Geoff Keighley Subject: And So It Begins...

As you may have read, while Crecente is out of town on an extended vacation he's asked a number of us to step in as guest editors. Of course the title of "guest editor" is probably a bit of a stretch, as I'll merely be contributing a handful of posts every day. (And learning how to use Moveable Type in the process).

What credentials do I have to be handed the keys (or at least a logon ) to this powerful nexus for gaming intelligence? I've been writing about games for 15 years a journalist, first in print for enthusiast publications, Entertainment Weekly, and Business 2.0, and more recently on television for G4 and SpikeTV's Game Head program. Any work on TV seems to polarize the videogame audience much more than written journalism, so yes, to some of you I'm probably that annoying guy from G4. I hope you'll at least indulge me as your Kotaku companion cube for a few days...on Friday you can incinerate me, no questions asked.

Seriously though, I'm honored that Brian asked me to jump into the fray. It should be an exciting week and it goes without saying that I'm huge fan of the site. (Just ask anyone who sees me constantly checking my Blackberry Viigo RSS feed for Kotaku updates on the road).

Speaking of travel, my posting today was a little light because I was in Boston at Harmonix to shoot an episode of my Spike show about Rock Band. More Harmonix news soon...sooner than you think!

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