First Ever Game Kiosk

game1.jpgI was checking out the mall in Hornsby, Australia, (about 30 minutes north of Sydney) when I ran into this curiosity: A Game Kiosk. The apparently permanent kiosk was set up just inside one of the main set of doors inside the mall and featured a pretty big selection of games and even a live demonstration of the Wii. There was even a Nintendo rep on hand to play demonstrate the Wii for most of the day.

My understanding is that Game only has two of these kiosks in the world and that they are test sites for what could become a norm in malls around the UK, Australia and points beyond.

It seemed like it might be a bit of a pain for the employees working there (what with the lack of a bathroom or back room) but it was a great location of customers and gave video games a lot of face time.



    Interesting. I love those kind kiosks because they sneak up on me. A Game kiosk would be great and would create the whole "hey I magically appeared at a game store. May as well get a new game!" moments.

    I cherish those moments.

    Wow, I've never seen anything like that.
    It'd be interesting to see how it goes.

    Haha... i reckon you would be mega lucky to find a GAME or EB store with a toilet :)

    These sorts of Kiosks are great for retailers, because of the amount of 'walk-by' customers they get... if people are in a hurry, they will generally not go into a store, but will stop at a kiosk like this.

    Mobile phone companies (Orange and 3 are the best example) have been doing this for years, but its interesting to see GAME getting into it.

    There is also something less threatening about going up to a kiosk versus a store. I guess the only thing you will find is they will not have much stock on hand

    lol i go there every day...i live close to hornsby! no one buys from GAME, there crap.

    This is an excellent idea!
    This is also very common in asian countries . . I should have thought of it! xD

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