First In-Game Halo 3 Marriage Proposal? Probably.

halo_proposal.jpgNerd love is a beautiful, often creative thing. Take for example Xbox Live user Moviesign's unique marriage proposal to longtime girlfriend and fellow gamer Furtive Penguin. He built a custom map in the Halo 3 map editor Forge to ask his Spartan partner if she'd like to spend the rest of her natural life with him. After probably thinking "What's 'Arry E' mean?" she agreed to the idea of wedded bliss with Moviesign. Makes the cockles burn, doesn't it?

The only tarnish on this otherwise lovely story is the reminder that getting down on one-knee to propose is just one corpse away from a teabagging proposal. Um... congratulations!

A Halo 3 Marriage Proposal []


    I actually thought i would be able to do something like this, spoke to a girl on live for 9 months only to be lied to about many things, including her age.

    unfortunitly don;t trust anyone on live:(
    but still well done to love birds:)

    She also lied about the girl part...... The only sincere request was for your credit card number or 360 achievements...

    oh no it was a girl, we webcammed a lot. was 100% a girl, but yeah, age part...ummm and many other lies. she was cute though:)

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