Five Indie Picks: #1 - Deadly Rooms Of Death

drodc.jpg Those who can remember back to June and Kotaku's call for votes for Crecente's Game Club might recall some odd games (including the eventually-picked Mr. Robot) hanging out on the list.

Well, I'm afraid that was my doing, and as Chairman of the Independent Games Festival, I get to see a whole heck of a lot of interesting indie games. So I'm picking one per day that deserves a wider audience on Kotaku and 'a little respect', as Erasure and Rodney Dangerfield both noted.

Firstly, let's focus on Caravel's turn-based PC dungeon crawler, the Deadly Rooms Of Death series. It's like almost nothing else out there - we profiled it on GameSetWatch earlier this year, calling it "the most inventive pure puzzle-solving computer game ever written". The latest iteration, The City Beneath, came out earlier this year. If you like thinking and computer games (see: Portal), you will like D.R.O.D. - go check it.

D.R.O.D. homepage [Caravel Games]


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