Follow Up On Creepy Swiss Right Wing Game: Boch Buster

bochbuster.jpgReader Gareth M. let us know that there's an alternative to the creepy Swiss right-wing xenophobic games that we mentioned yesterday, initially mentioned over at Ian Bogost's Water Cooler Games: there's Boch Buster, which allows you to kick those creepy right wing Swiss politicians outta Switzerland and into somewhere that looks suspiciously like the American southwest. You have three tries to whip Christoph Blocher - the politician dressed as a goat and one of the Swiss People's Party's big fish - as far away from Switzerland as you can, in a game with simple two click mechanics. There's no love for Blocher amongst some Swiss citizens as evidenced by anti-Blocher protests back in September (never mind the game); it's a nice wee counterpoint to SVP's little minigames. Boch Buster


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