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witzboldspage.jpg Some of the sharpest remarks on Kotaku aren't made by us, but rather, you. The commenters we don't ban dazzle us with their insight and wit on a daily basis. So to keep track of those brilliant readers, we bring you "Follow Commenter." Some of you might have noticed this, but here's how it works:

Log-in and click on "Follow Commenter." So easy! You'll get a little notice on your profile page when that commenter makes a remark. The folks you're following also appear on your commenter page. For those who don't have an ID, click on "New User" and sign up. Another thing you can do is pillage your friends' friends list, by clicking on the "+" and turning those commenters in folks you follow.

And if you realise that you don't like this person you are following, that their comments are lame, you can always click on the "+" button next to the commenter's name on your Friends list to remove him or her. Another new feature we've added is "Feedback," which allows you do give just that. There is a space on all commenter pages where you can leave comments.

If you encounter any problems with these new features, let us know in the comments below or at [email protected] (be sure to note your OS and browser type). Nothing like internet stalking following!

Editor's note: This is for the US site only.


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