Forza Devs Could Take Over Project Gotham Series

pgr4badge.jpgProject Gotham Racing 4 is great. Sadly, with Bizarre now no longer able to work on the franchise, somebody's gotta hop into their shoes, keep the dream alive. But who? Well, Microsoft aren't short on options. Forza 2 devs Turn 10, well, they're definitely an option, according to MGS boss Phil Spencer:

We don't have any clear set answer for how PGR5 might come to market yet, but we're looking at a lot of different alternatives right now. Obviously Turn 10 is a strong team, and they're really focused on Forza and it's doing well so I wouldn't want to distract them, but it is an option.

Interesting. Interesting. Could you live without Forza if it meant PGR was still a hoot? We could. It'd be tough, but we'd find a way to soldier on. Game On - Part 1 [Develop]


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