Frank Darabont Talks Scary Games Like BioShock

fahrenheit451.gif Just because some great filmmakers (Steven Spielberg for example) are making the film-to-games leap, doesn't mean every filmmaker can — or should. VH1's Harold Goldberg mentioned how BioShock changed his notion of horror games to Frank Darabont, Oscar nominated director of The Shawshank Redemption and upcoming film The Mist. Darabont replied:

It's amazing what's being done with games today, and I'm fascinated by it. With The Mist, I hope to scare you, right, and maybe make you think. Maybe you'll talk about the ending for a while after the film's done... A horror game that's well done, though: man, that's really going to stick with you.

Was thinking about this the other day: As Hollywood and gaming keep moving closer and closer together, I really hope they don't converge. There are some filmmakers whom I hope don't make games, just as there are some game creators whom I hope stay far, far away from the director's chair.

Darabont Talks The Mist [VH1][Image]


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