Fun For Our Troops Sends Gaming Relief

armygames.jpgWhile a lot of us are safe at home playing Call of Duty 4 on our game consoles, a sizable portion of the US military is overseas right now living it - but that doesn't mean they aren't gamers. There are tons of video game addicts in the military, and now there's an organisation dedicated to getting them their fix. Created by military wife Stephanie Doctor Shea, whose own husband was just redeployed to Iraq, Games For Fun is an organisation that plans on raising money to supply our troops with video game goodness. She and partner Dana Blackman Brady believe that the comfort of video games will do our forces a world of good.

"What they really appreciate over there is the true comforts of home," Blackman Brady said. "The stress relief and the escapism involved in these games, we really think could be beneficial."

While currently just a small-town operation, Fun For Our Troops has the potential to get pretty huge, especially considering how generous the gaming community is as a whole. They are currently accepting donations of money, gift cards, and games released in 2005 or later.

No matter how you feel about the war itself, the troops in the Middle East are there doing a job for their country that not many other people would do. Check out the organisation's web site to see how you can contribute to the overseas, under fire gaming community. Hang onto your copies of COD 4 though. Think they've got that covered.

Wii bit of fun for troops [Bucks County Courier Times via Game Politics]


    Sure, everyone makes a fuss about the games donations and letter writing, but no one ever seems to mention the wonderful job Stackhat is doing keeping our troops' heads safe at work, rest and play (above).

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