Fury Gets First Patch

fury_02.jpgIn case you missed it, Auran released an update for its MMO Fury late on Friday. According to Auran, the patch includes improvement to server and client performance, and a tweak to the matchmaking system to prevent newer players from being thrown against more experience combatants.

Nothing major by the sounds of things, but then, I think it’s good news when a game’s first patch has no big problems to address.

Full details after the jump.

2 Nov. 2007. Following the game’s launch in mid-October, the first Fury patch has now been released.

Producer behind the Australian PVPMMO, Paul Whipp says there are a host of minor enhancements to Fury and a few major improvements in the new patch.

“We’ve restricted the skill rank of players in the newbie bloodbath matches so these games will be a lot more fun for new players. Client and server performance have also been improved. These improvements give much better frame rates in many cases, particularly for players whose systems were CPU bound.

“The skill rank system has also been enhanced to improve rank updating and to create much better matches in all game types. Ladders and statistics exports have also been switched on and we’ll turn the website ladder displays on shortly.”

Since release, Fury’s player base has been steadily growing in North America, Europe and Australasia and Auran is confident the recent changes will make the game even more enjoyable and accessible.

For more information on Fury, visit www.unleashthefury.com


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