Game Rankings: Super Mario Galaxy Surpasses Ocarina of Time as Top Rated Game

Super_Mario_Galaxyis1.jpg According to GameRankings, a site that aggregates reviews of various games, Super Mario Galaxy has quickly climbed to the top of the heap to become the highest rated game of all time. This legendary feat has knocked long time holder of the crown Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time down to number two. SMG joins the top ten club with other titles new and old such as Metroid Prime, Soul Calibur and The Orange Box. But, will Mario manage to hold onto his crown as long as Link did? Nine years is a long time...

GamerRankings' Top Ten Ranked Games List [GameRankings]


    I think GameSpot's new scoring system skews the data a bit. If they were still on their old system, SMG probably would have scored here even better!

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