Gamecock Says To Preorder And Help Small Games

9781846462900.jpgWe always knew retailers loved pre-orders. I mean, you're giving them money to buy a product in the future—one that is often in excellent supply (at least in the big chains). But we never knew that pre-orders mattered so much to small developers. Gamecock's CEO Mike Wilson (no relation) fills us in on why the best way to support a game can be to pre-order it:

It's a really huge deal in the industry right now...[Gamestop's]pre-order program, which they base their buys off of, is so important now. It's like life or death for some of these original, independent titles.

But there's more...

If not enough people pre-order a game, [retailers]will lower their order to where poor sales become a self-fulfilled prophecy...[and]the other retailers, especially the mass merchants, tend to follow Best Buy's, GameStop's and Game Crazy's lead...If a game doesn't do anything in those stores, it might not make it into Target and places like that.

The verdict? Screw pre-ordering the AAA titles (for those of you who do); ask to pre-order the game that doesn't have the Mountain Dew can strong-arming Sears.

Gamecock Warns of Almighty Pre-order [nextgeneration]


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