Gamers, Our Brains Are Limited To Tracking Eight Objects At Once

Picture%2033.pngAt some level, no matter how many hours we dedicate to honing our...craft, if you will...our skills will always be limited by hardware based limitations. And by hardware we mean brain matter, not Cell processors. Researchers long believed that human perception was limited to tracking four moving objects at one time. But a new study, challenging participants to follow 16 dots moving at a very slow pace on a computer screen, found that participants were able to track up to eight objects at once (or double what we previously thought possible). There are limitations, of course.

The major downfall of our ability to track objects is speed. Because once these dots hit the on-screen speed of 0.15 metres per second, subjects were only able to track one dot at a time. I wish that I could put such a speed into real world context, but if you are interested in experiencing the phenomenon for yourself, hit this link to test yourself. It's...humbling at high speeds.

Brain can juggle eight balls at once [newscientist]


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