Games Are Brought To You By Many, Not Just One

romero.jpgHere's a thought. Why do we insist on associating games, or entire game series, with a single developer? Everyone does it, but just like in the movies, it's all a bit silly. At best it's generalising, at worst the right people aren't getting the right credit. Look at Star Wars - it's synonomous with George Lucas. Empire is acknowledged by all the cool kids as being the best of the six. But Lucas didn't direct Empire. Irvin Kirschner did.

Same goes for games. Sid Meier, Wil Wright, Shigeru Miyamoto, Peter Molyneux...we identify big games, and sometimes entire series of games, with a single person, even though that person may no longer be directly involved with the game, or even at all. Sometimes that's just PR - bit hard to forget Sid Meier when his name's on the box. Other times, though, it's a bit unfair, as the design process for a game these days usually involves a lot more than just one person.

Troy Goodfellow raises an interesting point: why not stick the lead design credits on the game box? It's good enough for movies, which list them on posters and on the back of DVDs - sure, we can jump straight to the end of the list and see just the director if we want, but the producers, composers, designers, etc are all there as well. Should be good enough for games as well, don't you think?

The Limits of Authorship [Flash of Steel, via GSW][Image]


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