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To: Ash From: Geoff Keighley Subject: A Day of Rest

Every day during my guest editor-ship I am more and more impressed by what you guys do on a daily basis! It's fascinating to see the inner workings of the Kotaku empire. Today I wasn't stuck in meetings or shooting all day, so I had some more time to post stories, do an interview with the producer of Phase (the new Harmonix iPod game) and yes, actually play some games. I spent most of my time playing Assassin's Creed (which I can't talk about yet) and Call of Duty 4. While COD4 isn't particularly innovative, I am just blown away by the level of polish, the graphics and the cinematic atmosphere. What do all of you think of it? Activision is doing a James Bond first person shooter and I sure as heck hope they use the Call of Duty 4 engine for it.

By the way, for those of you who want to know how the Assassin's party went....stay tuned tomorrow morning when I'll be posting my party report with a bunch of photos. Jade was there and told me she just got back from speaking at a Russian games convention. (And to put the rumours to rest, the "Jade on cover of Maxim story" is totally untrue. As I suspected, she told me she'd never do something like that). Tomorrow morning I'm off to the MTV offices in Santa Monica to tape an episode of Bonus Round with Jade about Assassins and women in gaming. It will begin airing in a few weeks.

Until tomorrow....I am off to play some more Call of Duty 4.

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