GameTap Debuts Psychonauts For Free

newtoon.gif "All you can eat" game service GameTap has sneaked out a little present for Thanksgiving.

Their free games section just added Tim Schafer's awesome brain-trip, Psychonauts, so you can play it on the PC without their monthly subscription. Lest we forget, the description:

Some kids dream of running away to join the circus. Raz grew up in the circus, and dreams of joining an elite force of psychic special agents — the Psychonauts. Having snuck into the secret training facilities (a summer camp), Raz must now hone his abilities to eliminate an even greater threat. If you're looking for 3D platforming action with a dark sense of humor, Psychonauts is your game.

The game is free on the service until December 31st - as is Twinkle Star Sprites for the Neo Geo and classic Sensible Software title Cannon Fodder, among others, for those hungry for free game goodness.

(Image is from the fan-based Psychonauts 'most excellent comic' project.)

Psychonauts page [GameTap]


    I hate you, Gametap. Why won't you let us foreigners sign up so I can play Typing of the Dead. :(

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