Gaming Should Be More Like Mowing The Lawn

push-mower-424.jpgWe run developer quotes a lot here on Kotaku, but this one might go down in history as extra special. From Dungeon Siege/Supreme Commander/Total Annihilation's Chris Taylor, this is what it should feel like to play a video game:

When I ride the lawnmower I don't think about steering and cutting grass... I think about life. I think about work. I think about things I have to do. I recharge - charge my batteries up.

He continues:

When I finish mowing the lawn, I haven't done a chore - I'm actually ready to take on something. That's what I think gaming needs to be.

Taylor, you need a push mower to balance out your life a bit. But we know what you mean. Sometimes we're so tired after working all day, our minds aren't sharp enough to keep up with a game. Or after playing all Sunday, we're not mentally rested enough for Monday...or Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.

That's it, we're going on strike. Suck it, great video games we've been waiting years for! We just bought a new Toro. Supreme Commander dev has intriguing ideas for games [gamesradar][image]


    I have to...partly agree with him. There needs to be those types of games that allow you to get into that reflective haze but not all of them should be. There still needs to be games that keep you alert, thinking, and stimulate the mind along with those that relax you.

    For me, Katamari was that game that allowed me to do it. The reason for this is due to the games simplicity (and strangly almost like mowing the lawn): Push the sticks to move a ball around to pick things up. Done. End of game. Thats it. This allowed the other parts of my mind to sit back, relax, and smile at the rainbow while thinking about life.

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