Geek Dream: Kristen Bell + Jade Raymond!

bell_assassins.jpg As if Jade Raymond doesn't already add enough sex appeal to Assassin's Creed, Heroes and Veronica Mars star Kristen Bell will have a featured role in the game. Ubisoft just sent us this exclusive image of what virtual Kristen looks like in the game.

Bell's involvement was first leaked last December when the blonde starlet started to mouth off about some of the game's top-secret sci-fi elements. (Let's just say you're in for a shock when you start playing Assassin's next week). But if you're looking for more details on Bell's character, you won't find any in the press release. Jade does say she's a big fan of Bell's "professionalism, "dynamic personality," "emotional range," and "talent." Do I sense a little crush? We'll have to see if Jade follows in Bell's footsteps and appears on the cover of Maxim like this thread suggests. Knowing Jade I'm guessing not.


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