Geometry Wars XBLA Sequel Not Coming Yet, Galaxies Delayed

06-25-07screenshot_034wtmk-2.jpgWith Xbox LIVE turning five, many of us were hoping for a new Geometry Wars title. And while it would have been an excellent way to commemorate the service, Bizarre Creations community and web lead Ben Ward has squashed our dreams of a last second, surprise announcement:

Not true I'm afraid. We are working on more Geometry Wars fun... but you won't be seeing it next week.

Oh well, at least we have Geometry Wars: Galaxies coming soon, right? Nope. Sierra has just announced that the anticipated 2007 releases on the Wii and DS will be pushed back to January 18th, 2008. It's two hard knocks to Geometry Wars fans in one day, but I can assure you, Galaxies looks good enough to wait for. Still, we're sorry for catching both of your balls in this one, mega-nutshot.

No Geometry Wars sequel next week [xboxdomain] Geometry Wars: Galaxies slips to 2008 [play]


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