George Harrison Comments On New DS, Forgets How To Say "No Comment"

newds.jpgSo a little rumour broke yesterday about a "new" DS. Analyst Evan Wilson reckons he knows, in his heart, that the next DS is already done, and Nintendo are just waiting for sales of the DS Lite to slow down before they release it. As they should, Nintendo have responded to these rumours. Thing is, NoA's George Harrison went and responded like this:

We don't have any imminent plans for an upgrade for the Nintendo DS. The product is still selling extremely well around the world.

Then he went and said this:

I'm not sure what his source was for it, but it's not something you're going to hear about anytime soon.

"Imminent"? "Anytime soon"? That's a real funny way of saying "no comment", George. Way to get the speculating fanboys off the scent. Harrison: No "Imminent" Plans for New DS [Next-Gen][Image]


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