German UT3 Lacks Corpse Desecration

ut3cover.jpgWith Germany keeping a close eye on violent video games, Midway Germany had to make a few small modifications to the country's version of Unreal Tournament 3 to obtain a 16+ rating and avoid the mighty Deutschland banhammer. While the majority of the game remains intact, a few choice changes involving dead people had to be made.

We had to make some minor changes to the game to get an age rating at all. [...]The biggest change is that you can't shoot already dead people (and they won't explode into thousand parts) and that ragdoll is disabled for dead people as well.

So no mashing corpses into a fine paste or bouncing them around the map with shock waves after they're dead. Could have sworn the actual killing people was what Germany had a problem with. Go figure.

UT3 German Edition Lacks Ragdolls, Gibs [Planet Unreal]


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