Germans Nerds Get Arrested for PC Engine

2007-11-04-210.jpg Last month brought an endless flow of game pumpkins and the PC Engine's 20th anniversary. On October 30 twenty years ago, the PC Engine first went on sale in Japan. Three Germans posted fliers and a birthday message on a Mandarake temporary construction barricade in Akihabara. The sign wished the ill-fated console a happy birthday, thanked NEC and Hudson and listed fan site PCE Daisakusen. The police appeared, asking if he worked for that company. One of the Germans replied, "No, I'm a big PC Engine fan". The three were put in the patrol car and driven away from the scene. Hardcore. So let that be a lesson: Japan isn't your personal fanboy billboard! Just be happy with wearing gaming T-shirts!! PC Engine Arrest [Akiba Blog via Insert Credit]


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