Get Hip-Hoppin' with Super Barrio Bros.

14426_b.jpgLooking for a little hip-hop with your classic gaming? Then Project Blowed's Dumbfoundead and producer 8-Bit Bandit have a treat for you. Described by Kotakuite Jed as "Almost all NES music with PHAT BEATS! over it!", Super Barrio Bros. sells for $US 9 and features fourteen tracks including such hits as Mash and Smash, Bad Villain, Strategy Guide and the classic Game Over. Here's a little sample of the lyrics courtesy Jed:

Mash, mash, on these buttons, smash, smash on these buttons causing concussions. Gaming groupies giving bubble bobble blue balls, double dragon roll on. Face it you lost, shedding tears, their ain't no wedding here. This is Metal Gear, there is no DDR Dance-off Here.

Unfortunately there are no mp3 samples of the songs on the site so you can hear exactly how PHAT the beats are for yourself, so you'll just have to takes your chances.

Make the jump for the full listing of tracks.

Super Barrio Bros. [AccessHipHop] 1. Intro 2. Mash and Smash 3. Bosses (feat. Alpha MC / Open-Mike Eagle) 4. Bad Villain 5. Three Pipes Down (feat. Psychosiz) 6. Song of Time Instrumental 7. Strategy Guide (feat. Sahtyre / Psydewaze / Nocando) 8. System (feat. DJ Dstrukt) 9. Snoochie Instrumental 10. Game Over 11. Outro Instrumental 12. Next Level (feat. Lyraflip / N/A / EMS) 13. Shit Talkers (feat. Thirsty Fish) 14. Glitch Ghost (feat. Abstract Rude)


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