Getting Ready for America Help

To: Crecente From: Bashcraft RE: K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Actually, I'm surprised Tristan doesn't already have his own bird shirt!

In about two weeks and a half weeks or so, I'll be heading to back to Texas for a lengthy holiday. I am actually starting to get giddy. My family lives in Dallas, and Dallas isn't that exciting of a place. But, still! I love visiting America. It's a blast. There are Americans and American things and big roads and tons of nonsense. I've already started making lists of food I want to eat starting with bean burritos. It's nice living in Japan, but after a while, it becomes really really normal. Belly aching, I know!

Actually looking forward to seeing American tv. I don't have cable here, so I feel kind of disconnected with American pop culture with that regards. Is there anything I need to see? Any CDs or movies that I definitely must see? I'm kinda in the dark! Crib notes appreciated.

What you missed last night My Funde Razor contribution It prints money. Still. AC impressions What's Bionic Commando's swing like PS3 orange box okay?


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