GH III Boss Battle Songs Live Free

guitarboxhero.jpgXbox 360 (and eventually PS3 as well I assume) users rejoice! There is a new content pack for Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock available, and it's free! Technically you'll already played all of the songs in the pack, which includes the three boss battle tunes from the game. The love theme from Slash, Tom Morello's Ode to a Butterfly I Saw One Sunny Spring Morning, and the Devil Went Down to Georgia are now available for your non-career mode enjoyment, and I might have made two of those song titles up. Why weren't they included in the first place? I'd say to keep them challenging for career mode. If you could sit there and practice them over and over again, then they wouldn't be nearly as tough, now would they? Plus it's refreshing to see the word 'free' next to Guitar Hero-related DLC.

Thanks for the head's up, Nico!


    Kudos to Activision for actually putting these out for free. I was one amongst many who felt ripped off that they didn't include them in the game to begin with, and wanted them to release them as DLC for free... but I didn't actually expect they would.

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