GHIII DLC Is As Shitty As GHII's

sadlittlegirl.jpgWe're of the unanimous opinion that Guitar Hero II's downloadable content is amongst the worst in human existence. Force-bundling three songs together, often from different genres? That kind of behaviour's been basting overnight in a rich sauce of weakness and crooked penny-pinching. If you're picking up Guitar Hero III and expected/hoped things would be any different, well, you're more than a little wrong. Activision and Red Octane will still be selling bundled packs. In November both 360 and PS3 versions will see three download bundles made available, each containing three songs. How very disappointing.

Activision Reveals Plans for Guitar Hero DLC [1UP]


    Yeah it would be great to see something along the lines of a list of songs to choose from where people can pick and choose what they want to play, instead of, as you said, 'force-bundling' them together. At least this time they're all from the same band in the packs. Anyway, i can't really complain all that much, I'm seriously considering getting the Foo Fighters pack

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