Ghostbusters II Isn't So Good Really

To: Ian From: Bashcraft RE: Airport, Credit, Treacle

Whew. Been going through the contest, and I started sending out emails to those who were finalists. These contests really kill me!

Watched Ghostbusters II today. Saw it when I was a kid in the theater, and I remember liking it. But like some things you have fond childhood memories, the film doesn't hold up. (Wonder how the cartoon holds up... Speaking of which, Matt Alt has neat post up on Shinji Aramaki.) Man, they really dropped the ball — too much slime. Also, why is Janine dating Louis? That makes no sense. She should be with Egon. And where's that Pecker guy? The first one is so so so great. Why, why? I'm just going to pretend the second one doesn't exist. And they want to make a third? Please no.

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