Giant Crabs Might Have Been Real (We're Sorry, Sony)

giantcrab.jpgYou all remember. Genji, "historical accuracy", giant crabs, massive damage. We all had a chuckle (some even a chortle) at Sony's expense. But what if giant crabs were real? And not "giant" as in "oh, my, it's as big as your head", giant as in "run, before it eats you and your fleshy human babies". This BBC story, about the discovery of the fossil of an 8-foot scorpion, reports that the team researching the find claims:

The size of the beast suggests that spiders, insects, crabs and similar creatures were much larger in the past than previously thought.

Crabs! And crabs are a lot bigger than scorpions, so if we had an 8-foot scorpion, that's one...massive crab. Sorry.

Man-sized sea scorpion claw found [BBC, via The Gaming Fascist][Image]


    At least we know how to deal massive damage to them now in case they ever attacked.

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