Go Get Your Chessmaster: The Art of Learning

chessds.jpgLove Chess? Own a DS? Then you might want to own this adorable piece of software. Some of the awesome features you can look forward to are:

“¢ Tutorials: A comprehensive chess tutorial presented by Josh Waitzkin and based on his famous The Art of Learning course.
“¢ Mini-games: Six original mini-games to have fun learning the basics of chess playing. Examples:
o “Minefield” – Use your chess pieces to locate and defuse the hidden mines.
o “Chain Reaction” ” Move a piece so that three pieces of the same kind are connected by their movement paths.
“¢ Chess puzzles: Classic chess puzzles with 2 modes, Time Challenge and Practice Puzzles.
“¢ Multiplayer: Multiplayer games for 2 players using the Nintendo DS wireless communications.

Ubisoft also mentions in the same release that Chessmaster: Grandmaster Edition is available for PC.

I’m sure it’s an excellent Chess simulator, but check out the guy in the screenshot! He looks like his mum just died. Now, if I had a death in the family, the last thing I’d be doing is playing Chess.

Ah well, we all handle grief in different ways. For example, I eat celery. Lots of celery.


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