God Of War PSP Demos Arriving, Urine-Proof

gowdemodisc.jpgReports are pouring in about the God of War: Chains of Olympus demo discs being delivered to hungry Kratos fans everywhere, but of course I trust no one until I see it with my own eyes. Mine actually arrived last week, but I had to wait several days for it to dry. It seems the younger of my two cats has something against ancient Greece. Maybe it's some sort of ancient memory of the days of Anthony and Cleopatra. I know that was the Romans, but cats are notoriously bad when it comes to history. Either way, this cat - who had never dreamed of using anything but his sandbox - peed on my God of War demo. catdickhead.jpgAs you can see, the cat is a remorseless dickhead.

Anyway, the demo came with a nice little personalised letter, the demo in handy cardboard sleeve, a 'Collector's Item' cell phone dangly of the Kratos Symbol, which ancient Greek policemen would shine into the skies to call our hero to fight crime, and a coupon for $US 15 off of a PSP at Best Buy - exactly one month after I bought a PSP at Best Buy. Most importantly, the demo comes with an outer envelope that doesn't allow cat pee to soak through.


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