Golden Axe: Beast Rider Sounds a Lot Like Lair

Golden_Axe_Coverart.pngGolden Axe, a personal favourite during one particularly Dirty Dancingesque summer vacation of my youth, is coming to PS3 and Xbox 360. And while we already knew that, we had no idea what that meant. Sidescroller? 3D fighter? RPG? What?

Because of the latest issue of PSM3, now we know. And correct me if I'm wrong, but it's sounding a lot like Lair: 1. You can now only play the female character, Tyris Flar, a single protagonist as opposed to choosing the dwarf etc. 2. Free-roaming environments promote flying around on various beasts. 3. You can go on land to do some standard hack 'n slashing.

Honestly, the pitch lost me at "you can only be one character." Hopefully I'm being prematurely negative for unfounded reasons. We'll see. Golden Axe PS3: First details [cvg]


    Not so much the fact you can only be one character, but choosing the character that everyone hated being in the arcade!!! lol. I remember when it came out, the original GA in the arcades when I was 10, my mates and I would always use the dwarf and the barbarian and NEVER use her!

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