"Good Chance" UTIII Ready Before Xmas

reinps3fixing.jpg Unreal Tournament III? Can't wait. The PC version is out this month, while the Xbox 360 version hits next year. And the PS3 version? That was slated for the holidays, but might slip to early 2008. In a recent interview at the San Francsico UT III launch event, Epic VP Mark Rein answers concerns about the PS3 release:

We're getting awfully close. This version we had here today was [gestures]this close to being a release candidate, so hopefully we'll be done with it really soon. If we get it done at just the right time, there's a good chance it'll be out in stores just before Christmas.

The day after Christmas is fine too, Mark. I've got the day off.

Mark Rein Interview [Dtoid]


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