Greenpeace Say Nintendo Eat Dolphins, Kill Pandas For Sport

pollution.jpgGreenpeace have just released their sixth "Guide to Greener Electronics", which looks at electronics manufacturers and grades them according to how environmentally sound their manufacturing and product recycling processes (ie how they dispose of outdated technology) are. Where's this start getting relevant to you? For the first time the report covers thew manufacturers of games consoles, so Microsoft and Nintendo have for the first time come up for inspection alongside trusty old warhorse Sony. So how'd they all do?

Probably benefiting from the fact they produce a whole range of stuff, have been doing so for a long time and as such had to go through this kind of malarkey before, Sony use few toxic components in their gear, and have a good recycling/takeback policy on old stuff. Final Greenpeace score: a very healthy 7.3/10

Microsoft didn't do as well. Apparently they have a "long timeline" for the elimination of toxic chemicals from their manufacturing process, and also have a "poor" takeback policy and practice. Do try and keep your jokes to a minimum on that one, thanks. Final Greenpeace score: a miserable 2.7/10.

Nintendo? Oh Nintendo, Nintendo, Nintendo. You lied to us. You're awful. A joke. Or would be, if Greenpeace joked about this kind of thing, instead of frowning and tutting and generally being upset. Across the board they've got no idea, and failed every single category they were being assessed on. Indeed, things are so bad for the clean, wholesome family fun merchants that they're the first "global brand" in the history of the report to score zeros across every single assessable category. Final Greenpeace score: 0/10

[Greenpeace, thanks Kdawg!]



    What makes this worse is when you think about Nintendo's install base over 20+ years...

    Hold on, Nintendo score 0/10 because they don't release any information about their manufacturing processes? The Greenpeace report just says "0 - no information" for every category.

    What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

    Also, Doesn't the Wii use the least POWER out of the 3 machines, and as such not contributing as much to global warming?

    All very valid points, but just like Freud, Greenpeace don't pay attention to the facts.

    Global warming is a very real thing. I heard that we are going into a hotter time now in the northern hemisphere that scientists refer to as "summer." Oh, the humanity!

    pandas are adorable!D: why would you kill them!? D:

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