"GTA For Girls" A Game Of Sex, Drugs & Shoplifting

cgis.jpgWhile boys are into things like carjacking, beating passers-by to death and sniping the heads off of local law enforcement types, this sort of harmless fun just doesn't appeal to the fairer sex. Hence, Coolest Girl In School, which is being pitched as "Grand Theft Auto for girls" by mobile game developer Champagne for the Ladies. It replaces all that boyish drug-running and random violence with stuff girls like: experimenting with drugs, using sexuality for personal gain and clawing to the top of the social order by any means necessary. It's fun on the go! While being a gossiping, shoplifting bitch may sound like a gamer's dream, some uptight no-funsters are whining about Coolest Girl In School, claiming it's "grossly irresponsible."

I'll tell you what's grossly irresponsible—the game's graphics! Monstrous!

The Canada.com report writes that the while Australian Family Association deems the game "toxic" and Christine Daviault of Montreal's Concordia University calls it "corrosive", the folks at Champagne for the Ladies say it's all in good fun. Although the game is marketed as adhering to a distasteful representation of the high school social hierarchy, letting players "lie, bitch, [and]flirt" to get ahead, the creators say it's "tongue-in-cheek" fun.

Sounds pretty dull to me, but folks will get worked up over anything! I'll start paying attention when I can curb-stomp the head cheerleader. Until then... next!

Videogame teaches teen girls to slither up social ladder [Canada.com via GamePolitics]


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