GTA IV Box Art Revealed

gtaivcover.jpgWhat you are looking at here is an image that will be accompanying news stories, getting plastered all over video game retailers, and featured on posters and magazine ads from here until the next Grand Theft Auto game pops up. This is the official cover art for GTA IV, unveiled today on Rockstar's official GTA IV web page. Snipers, cornrows, cellphones, copters, and the obligatory hot girl, complete with suggestive lollipop licking. A video of the cover reveal is available on the site, which loads with a splash page promising a third trailer for the game on December 6th at 3pm Eastern. Hit the link below for an assortment of fine wallpapers, buddy icons, and avatars. Hooray!

Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV Page [Rockstar]


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