GTA IV, You'll Get It When You Get It

gta4-1.jpgIn a recent conference, Take 2 chariman Strauss Zelnick refused to be more specific on a release date for GTA IV than the vague February to April 2008 time frame offered following the game's delay. He explained:

We're going to give a firm date when we are utterly convinced that we have it and that isn't right now...we're not in the business of disappointing investors.

And it makes sense, because unless Zelnick can promise GTA IV by December, Take 2 won't be looking any better to investors or fans. Take 2 refuses to pinpoint GTA IV release [gamesindustry]


    thats not good enough, GTA IV has come out already in America, canda and europe in october, I have to wait till MARCH NEXT YEAR to get my hands on a copy or APRIL??? WHY did I buy a PAL XBOX360, I want a refund cause they do this bullcrap ALL the time, ROCKSTAR get ur act together and think of a national release date rather than UR greed for money - Its only what, $1 each game and u sell em for $120, im not buying from you again, Id rather spend my money on assasins creed and games that are out before xmas, by then Ill be OVER IT!

    I can't wait for the day that GTA IV will be realeased! I really want to play this game.. It looks awesome! I think will buy an xbox360 just to play it..
    Have you seen this game preview?
    omg look at those graphics!

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