Guest Editor Intro: It's-A Simon Carless

simoniker.jpg First there was Geoff Keighley, and then Ian Bogost - and now, as the third of the Holy Trinity of guestbloggers, I'll be entertaining you this Thanksgiving week, while Mr. Crecente soaks up the last of his rays of Australian sunshine, applies shrimp to Mattel-licensed fashion doll, etc.

As for what I do when I'm not excavating links for Kotaku, my main job is as publisher of Game Developer magazine and the Gamasutra website - we serve game developers worldwide with news, features, technical articles, and other such B2B goodness. I also used to design games, and was the first editor of Slashdot's Games section.

But what Brian likely picked me out for are my other interests - as Chairman of the Independent Games Festival, now in its tenth year awarding indie game developers cash and kudos, and as editor of Game Set Watch, our editor blog which focuses on the offbeat links. So expect plenty of game development and indie game-specific references in my guests posts this week, as well as some original articles and a little randomness along the way. Avast! [CMP's editor blog.]


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