Guide Gives Gamer Girls Handholding

blackdogmediabook.jpg Book time! British publisher Black Dog Media is releasing The Girl's Guide to Gaming, which is apparently a girl's guide to gaming. And because the book is a girl's guide, it is pink! Didn't you know that girls like pink? They do! And the DS Lite on the cover? So pink. Black Dog's James Gale explains:

Nintendo didn't want to fight over the same demographic as Sony, so they created a complete new one, a market in which it wasn't only boys that played games... It's hats off to Nintendo. Without their bravery to push the market away from the old boys' club, I doubt we would now be part of a fresh marketplace, where female gamers have been given a long overdue voice.

Yeah, because before the DS, girls just sat around, stared at the wall and ate rocks, too. No way they could play something as complex as the PS2! Good thing there's this guide — otherwise, we're sure they'd be totally at a loss. Hey, we haven't read this book and don't want judge this literary work by its cover. But damn, it's sure as shit hard not to. Girl's Guide to Gaming [Digital Spy, Thanks shu!]


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