Guitar Hero III Bundle for $98?

Guitar Hero III Bundle for $98?

gh3bigw.jpgAnthony over at EcoGamer has let us know that Big W will be having a one-day sale on November 10, where thrifty gamers will be able to pick up any of the Guitar Hero III game plus guitar combos for a tasty $98.

I don’t think I need to explain how awesome a deal this is.

So find the willpower to wait three days after the official release on the 7th, and save about $50!

Big W One Day Sale November 10th [EcoGamer]


  • Hell yes! I’m in the middle of my exams so can’t get GH3 on day one anyways, so this is a great opportunity to save some cash.

  • I was thinking of being lazy and just walking into EB with the catalogue and getting them to match the price, but i’m going to presume GH3 will sellout before the 10th…

  • I have to hold off on my purchase so that my girlfriend won’t be distracted while she finishes Uni assignments, so this is perfect!

    I know the guy who manages that section of the Big W in Civic so I’ll ask him if he can save one for me 🙂 (assuming it’ll be so popular that it will sellout)

  • it says save ‘up to’ $50…

    what exactly does that mean? because i know the 360 and the ps3 versions are about $10 more expensive than the wii version

  • I was reading it today (Looking for the cheapest place to get CoD4 at launch) when I saw that deal. I almost fell off my chair. Then I just assumed it was a typo or a mistake and turned the page (or weird skinny half page as it were).

  • on second glance, this advertised price must be for the ps2 version of the game, as it is retailing for $150. since the 360 and ps3 versions are retailing for $170, i can’t see BigW selling them for no less than $120 (wholesale price). So people, don’t expect to get your copy for xbox/ps3 for $98.

    it WONT happen. *95% sure*

    feel free to flame my ass if you do though.

  • Well.. I used this ad against a EB Games store and they priced matched this offer… for the 360 version…

    Despite this sale starting on Saturday… they still did it…

    So it can and has happened! 🙂

  • I had a look around today and it seems Target is holding their stock until Saturday aswell, possibly with a $99 price (guy behind the counter wasn’t 100% on it)

  • I was at my local Big W at 8:40 today (it opens at 8:30) and they had already sold out. I doubt they had more than 2 copies to begin with because how the hell can you slel out in 10 minutes and teh store wasnt even busy when i went in. Anyway long story short i couldnt lay buy it at the cheaper price and EB wouldnt price match it because they phoned up the Big W to check if they had stock. So now i have to fork out 150 to get it.

  • I also got EB to price match $98 for the ps2 bundle, very happy with that price 🙂

    This is the first Guitar Hero I’ve ever played and it is pretty damn fun, though I feel I should go back and get 1 and 2 as they were made by the original developer.

  • Well I ended up returning GH3 because frankly the game gets pretty boring after a few days and the scrolling fret board was giving me warped vision >.

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