Guitar Hero III, Halo 3 Make Wikipedia's Most-Searched List

wikilogo.jpgI use Wikipedia. You use Wikipedia. We all use Wikipedia. But just what are we looking for, exactly? Nerd crap, it seems, with a list of November's most-searched items turning up a ton of game titles. Guitar Hero III came it at #5, while Halo 3 also did OK, coming in at #11. OK, not OK, impressive, because they've been searched for more times than "Sex", "World War II", "Europe" and..."Penis". Impressive or sad. Either/or. Making the list further down were WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008 (#32), Wii (36), PlayStation 3 (39), Xbox 360 (41), Rock Band (60), BioShock (62), Pokémon (65), List of Wii games (83) and at #89, right after "Mexico", is Super Smash Bros. Brawl. WikiCharts — Top 100 — 11/2007 [WikiCharts]


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