Hackers Find The PlayStation 3 To Be Totally Hackarific

ps3_hackers.jpgThe PlayStation 2 was at one point demonised as a dangerous supercomputer that could fall into the wrong hands (the Communists!), with the potential to be used as a launch mechanism for nuclear missiles or some such nonsense. The PlayStation 3? It may very well become the tool of choice for another nefarious sect: HACKERS! According to security researcher Nick Breese's report from the Kiwicon hacker conference in Wellington, New Zealand, the PS3 can brute force crack passwords 100 times faster than comparable Intel hardware.

Wait, so we can't get a solid framerates in Madden but my PDF files are in danger of being exposed to thousands of leet haxorz from the evil menace Anonymous? Priorities are out of whack, people.

The PlayStation 3's relatively low price could mean password cracking and encryption busting could become much more commonplace, warns Breese. He issued a warning to software makers to increase their security efforts based on the findings.

Editor's note: This news was covered by Kotaku AU yesterday. Includes extra bonus information.

PlayStation a hacker's dream [The Age via Game|Life]


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