Halo 3 Achievement Statshot

faheystuck.jpgWhile I was busy this past Friday getting my weekend on, the folks at Bungie rolled out the statistics on Halo 3 during their weekly update post. According to their data, 43.28% of people connected have completed the campaign on Normal difficulty, while only 15.14% have finished the game on Legendary. Where do I fall in there? THIS ISN'T ABOUT ME (completed game on Easy). Damn parentheses! I'm trying! I'm just busy! Ahem. Anyway, other notable stats included the most difficult achievement, which seems to be Steppin' Razor (Score a Triple Kill with the sword in a ranked free for all playlist) with only 6.21% of players snagging it, and the fact that only 2.07% of online players have gotten a perfect 1000/1000 points from the title. You are of course not reading this, because you're all too busy laughing at my Easy Mode victory. Bastards. Go look at more numbers.

Bungie's Weekly Update [Bungie.net via Eurogamer]


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