Halo 3 Induces Suicide Bombing Mentality?

halo3bomber.jpgWired's Clive Thompson has written a thought-provoking piece on Halo 3 multiplayer, explaining how his lack of time with the game has led to his general suckage, and how his general suckage has led to a strategy eerily parallel to that of real-life suicide bombers, in which he runs Kamikaze at attackers only to stick them with grenades (before imminent death):

Because after all, the really elite Halo players don't want to die. If they die too often, they won't win the round, and if they don't win the round, they won't advance up the Xbox Live rankings. And for the elite players, it's all about bragging rights.

Here's where his whole argument comes together:

I, however, have a completely different psychology. I know I'm the underdog; I know I'm probably going to get killed anyway. I am never going to advance up the Halo 3 rankings, because in the political economy of Halo, I'm poor. Specifically, I'm poor in time...Even though I've read scores of articles, white papers and books on the psychology of terrorists...something about playing the game gave me an "aha" moment that I'd never had before: an ability to feel, in whatever tiny fashion, the strategic logic and emotional calculus behind the act.

Seriously, I want just want to quote the whole article. Hit the link for a fairly brilliant, possibly controversial, not-too-long read.

Suicide Bombing Makes Sick Sense in Halo 3 [wired]


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