Happy Birthday PS3, The Cake

20071116-100020-2.jpgWhile we're still a day away from the PlayStation 3's first birthday, Sony is already sending out some cakes to celebrate. This particular sugary concoction didn't go to us, but here's what recipient Russell Heimlich had to say.

Sony sent our office a birthday cake celebrating the 1 year anniversary of the PS3. The picture is one of those sugar print outs. The cake tastes a bit sour kind of like the price of this outrageous gaming machine.

Ouch. That's just poor form. Because just as a famous cynical eater like Anthony Bourdain says, when anyone shares food with you, no matter how bad it is, you smile politely and ask for seconds. Besides, there's been a price drop, after all.

20071116-100020-1.jpgI wonder if Crecente has a cake waiting on his Colorado doorstep, being picked at by cold crows as he sunbathes in Australia. PS3 Promotional Cake [russelheimlich]


    I heard that Sony was so unhappy on how some sites were reporting on the PS3 that Kazuo Hirai himself peed into the cake mix of the cakes they sent them. That might be why it tasted so sour :(

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